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pump rotor photos of 1 468 334 564 for vw 1.6 diesel head gasket replacement Contact: Linda Chen Whatsapp: +86 138 609 378 75 Email:linda@china-lutong.net Catalogue list web: www.injector-nozzles.com China-Lutong VE-Type Injection Pump - Quality Oriented, Keep Improving With the 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience, China Lutong Parts Plant own advanced technology, standardized ... CHINA-LUTONG PARTS PLANT
CDMA GSM DCS WCDMA LTE PENTAPLEXER low PIM high isolation Description: Lenolink Multi-Band Combiners are designed for cost effective antenna sharing for outdoor and indoor applications. Used for combining or splitting different frequency bands onto the same feeder systems, Multi-Band Combiners will save CAPEX by minimizing hardware components during installation. The Multi-Band Combiners are ... Lenolink Telecommunication Co.,Ltd
White / black color G652A2 FTTH drop cable with LSZH / PVC / PE Jacket Description : The drop FTTH cables are with flame retardant jacket and with supporting wire, there are strengthen members inside the cables for supporting the whole cables, the whole cable meet the RoHS standards and contains no harmful components, in general, it is a highly recommended FTTH drop cables for use in the fiber to ... NEW LIGHT OPTICS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
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Handheld All 3G 4G Portable Cell Phone Jammer and WiFi Jammer Product Description This is a full-frequency signal jammer that cuts off CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G (Wimax1) 2300MHz-2410MHz, 4G (Wimax2): 2620MHz-2680MHz and Bluetooth and WiFi2 signals. Since this optional Bluetooth 2G 3G 4G mobile phone jammer is designed with 6 antennas, it also emits 4G signals at the same time. Therefore, ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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Restaurant Mini Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer Airprint Receipt Printer Specification Overall Dimension (W×D×H) 105×75×45mm Weight 134g Color Black Effective print width 48mm Print method Thermal line printing Print commands ESC/POS compatible command set Print speed Up to 90mm/sec Resolution 8 dots/mm(203dpi) Print font 12x24/ 24x24 Column capacity 32 columns/ 16columns Character size 1.5 x 3... Guangzhou Xeumior Electronic Co., Ltd
Description: MTP trunk cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles. Please note: The US Conec MTP connectors are fully compliant with the MPO standards, achieving higher performance levels when compared to generic MPO connectors Features: -... SHENZHEN FURONG FIBER OPTIC CABLE CO.,LTD
View detail for more information aboutFT-S2108-S2108POE Technical Specifications.
Impressionist(3830) The_Port_of_Dordrecht
2S Series Two-port T 2S
800W Wireless High Power Signal Jammer Full Frequency Signal Jamming Device Product Description This is a high-power, high-efficiency jamming device that can be used to block unwanted signals in situations such as VIP fleet protection, military rehearsals, city halls, police checkpoints, prisons, disposal bombs, and vehicle installations to block remote explosive devices. According to the standard ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer for 4G LTE with Directional Antenna Jammer Product Description This 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer for 4G LTE with Directional Antenna, which owns a total output power of 70W and the output power is adjustable. And as it is a high power one the jamming distance of it can reach 100m and it owns superior ability in jamming 3G cell phone signal. Besides it is ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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Adjustable 3G 4G All Cell phone Signal Jammer WiFi Signal Interrupter Product Description This Mobile phone and WiFi jammer is a high technology product which owns the latest designed and good cooling system with cooling fan inside. Besides this one is adjustable and it can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the operation of other bands. And since it is designed with both car ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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Portable GPS Signal Jammer Car GPS Signal Blocker Product Description This GPS jammer can be used in restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples etc. For some special-purpose locations, such as hospitals, gas stations, etc., please conduct on-site testing to ensure that equipment and ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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Selectable Handheld WIFI Signal Jammer 3G 4G All Phone Signal Jamming Device Product Description The hand pocket size and light weight cell phone jammer comes with extreme portability, which is very important for mobile and convert jamming application. It will be capable of disabling all cell phone including CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G, Wifi signal bands, which make it the ideal choice for class ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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DCS1800 Cell Phone Signal Booster signal amplifier device for home Product Description A cell phone booster is a device, which use to amplify the lower signal strength to full and high signal strength in a weak area. With nowadays advanced technology, the amplify range can be reach 1000 square meters. And this device is used for amplify the signal for DCS1800 signals. More detailed information, ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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Portable Carry Leather Case For Signal Jammer Accessories Product Description If you are still worriedabout any damage to your Jammer, it is time to participate in the movement to save and protect the interference product. It is important to note that this Portable Carry Case is only for Jammer models JM110828, JM110829, JM110830,JM110831 and JM110836. Check out your jammer model or directly get ... Jammerall (China) Co., Limited
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2D Omni Directional Laser Barcode Scanner Desktop Hands Free Barcode Reader Features * Anti-reflective technical Exclusively: All kinds of barcode covered by glossy or special surface can be decoding quickly. such as infusion bags, plastic medicine packaging . Applicable to retail, manufacturing, medical, logistics and other industries. * Dual focus optical control technology Exclusively: High ... Guangzhou Xeumior Electronic Co., Ltd
Mini USB Embedded Laser 1D CCD Barcode Reader Module Engine for Kiosk Terminal Features * Mini pocket size, easy and convienent to operate * USB and RS232 interface * CCD light source * Applicate in many auto-id fields * Factory direct supply * 100% pre-tested * Quick delivery * Perfect after sale service Our Advantage: 1, Our product has warranty time of 1 years 2. We dont have MOQ, our MOQ is 1 ... Guangzhou Xeumior Electronic Co., Ltd
32 Bit Auto Sensor Portable Laser Barcode Scanner with Holder Application: Supermarket, retail store Restaurant Warehouse, logistics Features: 1. 300scans/second 2. 32Bit-CPU 3. Visible laser diode 650nm 4. 0-300mm Depth of scanning field 5. RS232,HID USB,KB Interfaces Supported 6. Minimum Resolution:3mil 7. Weight:256g 8. Cable Length:2m Specifications: Performance /parameters Description Light ... Guangzhou Xeumior Electronic Co., Ltd
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