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Universal Metal Joints Chrome Pipe Connectors For ESD Workbench HJ-7D

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Universal Metal Joints Chrome Pipe Connectors For ESD Workbench HJ-7D

Brand Name Top-King
Model Number HJ-7D
Certification ISO9001:2008;RoHS
Place of Origin Shenzhen ,China
Minimum Order Quantity 500 set
Price Negotiation
Payment Terms TT, Western Union
Supply Ability 10000 pieces per day
Delivery Time 15 working days with PO and deposit
Packaging Details 250 pieces packing together in a 300*250*152 mm carton
Name Chrome Universal Joint
Material CRS Cold Rolled Steel
Color Silvery
Thickness 23mm
Finish Glossy
HS CODE 73079 90000
Frequency of use Moderate
Application: Workbench, Storage shelf, Revolving car, display rack,etc
Detailed Product Description

Metal Joints For Pipe Creform Chrome Universal Joints For ESD Workbench HJ-7D


 Production Name:

 Chrome Universal Joint
 Item Model: HJ-7D
 Combination: HJ-7D contains 2 pcs H-5D and 2 pcs H-6D ,2 set of M6*25 Silvery


 CRS Cold Rolled Steel

 Color: Silvery

 Surface treatment :



 23 mm



The HJ-7D is a metal joint set that lets you make a two-pipe intersection with an adjustable angle. This assembly has many applications that range from bracing, hinging, pegging, deportation, and more. This connector is ideal for structures that require a range of motion between 5 and 175 degrees, however for all your applications that need a permanent 45-degree angle, we recommend that you use the HJ-9.


To make an HJ-7D, you need to place two H-6D and two H-5D together with two M6-25 bolts and two M6-N nuts. This joint will create a deportation of roughly one inch. This deportation is occasionally used to support fabrication panels and parts. The primary use of this connector is to assemble braces to reinforce the structures. You can also use it to create a door and folding table hinge, but we recommend you check the HJ-8D and HJ-10D before considering the HJ-7D.


This connector is relatively easy to connect, but be sure to look for the installation steps so you know how to use it. The HJ-7D is equipped with eight striations for better gripping. The HJ-7D is compatible with most 28mm pipe systems. Don't forget to select the ESD version called HJ-7D for all you antistatic structures.


one HJ-7D is combine with 2 pcs H-5D and 2 pcs H-6D and 2 set of M6*25 Silvery bolt and nut

 It is Used for two compound tubes to assemble to rotate in 180 degree angle, which is mainly used to strengthen the whole structure.
Chroming Meta Joints with Black anti-static PE pipe can assemble into ESD workbench or pipe rack system .

1 spanner 5mm tip
2- Take a connector H-5D and fix it in the desired location on the PE1 pipe.
3-Take a M6-25 bolt and a M6 nut and insert them into the corresponding openings. Make sure to put the bolt on the more accessible side.
4 - Tighten completely the M6-25 bolt and M6 nut together until the H-5D connectors attached firmly to the PE2 pipe . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.
5- Repeat step two with H-6D connectors and PE pipe.
6-Take a M6-25 bolt and a M6 nut and insert them into the corresponding openings of H-5D and H-6D connectors. Make sure to put the bolt on the more accessible side.
7- Tighten the M6-25 bolts and nuts M6 together a few threads , but no more.
8- Position the two H-6D connector in the desired angle.
9- Tighten completely the M6-25 bolts and M6 nuts together until the HJ-7D attached firmly to the PE1 and PE2 pipes . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.
1. The flexible pipe is composed of high-quality steel tube with high quality surface treatment.
2. The outer surface is composed of special plastic layer and inner surface coating.
3. The product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, wear-resisting, bright luster and pollution-free.
4. It is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products.
5. Surface special treatment without acute Angle, completely avoid causing the human body, accessories and accessories, and other items between the stabbing
1. Flexible and creative: simple structure, and your creativity can be used.
3. Flexibility: modular structure, easy to restructure, make you always have fresh feeling.
4. Safety: flexible pipe plastic surface to reduce the risk of injury to workers in the workplace
5. Environmental protection: pollution-free production, the components are completely recyclable, and eliminate waste, which is completely in line with the international environmental protection concept
6. Body mechanics: a single M6 hexagon wrench can complete the installation process.The concept of multi-purpose is used to give full play to economic benefits.



Why choose our products?
1) We are direct manufcture of pipe rack system, we produce all series of material for pipe rack system, such as metal joint, plastic joint, lean pipe, roller track, accessory for pipe rack system.
2) We produce this serises products metal pipe joint for more than 10 years, the earliesr factory to produce pipe rack system in Cina.
Our Company
Shenzhen Jingji Technology Co., Ltd.(TOP-KING HK LIMITED ) Is a professional manufactuer for design, production and sale of industrial storage equipment, flexible production equipment, automation equipment and other kinds of instruments and gauges. beside, the company distributes anti-static peripherals.
We provide a comprehensive logistics plan in order to avoid waste of resources in course of purchase and supply chain by manufactures. It is our ultimate goal to provide all customers with full service, to meet exact demands of customers. To improve product quality, and to enhance customer satisfaction storage annd logistics as in automation industy.We are the Direct Material Manufacturer and supplier of pipe and joint system, which is ergonomic and dynamic.

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