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Wind TurbineAerosol Fire Suppression Protecting Nacelle Electrical Cabinets

Wind TurbineAerosol Fire Suppression Protecting Nacelle Electrical Cabinets

Brand Name Fireless
Model Number Fireless 2.0
Certification BSI
Place of Origin Jiangsu
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotation
Payment Terms L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20000 sets per month
Delivery Time 1-6weeks( depends on QTY,samples in stock)
Packaging Details Carton Packing
Item Wind Turbine Fire Suppression Protecting Nacelle and Electrical Cabinets
Size smaller than other any brand
Agent quantity(Kg) 0.16kg
Application Wind Turbine
Protected volume(m³) 2m³
Technology Chinese military smoke technology
Military application tanks, warships, submarine and etc
Starting mode Thermal line/ Electric start/ Mechanical temperature sensing device start
Detailed Product Description

Wind Turbine Fire Suppression Protecting Nacelle and Electrical Cabinets


The wind turbine generator compartment is a key part of the wind turbine room. It contains many key equipment , such as gearboxes, mechanical brakes, generators and controllers. It is the most vulnerable to fire and it is the maintenance focus.


The risks of fires

According to incomplete statistics, as of December 31, 2009, there were 715 major accidents in wind turbine generators worldwide, and 138 fires accounted for nearly 20% of the total. The fire has become the second most devastating damage for generators after lightning strikes. Moreover, fire accidents have a great impact. In addition to equipment losses, which affect production efficiency and even casualties, it also affects the international image of wind power as an advanced sustainable green energy. Although the major manufacturers are reluctant to publish statistical data due to the sensitivity of the accident, wind turbine fires has become one of the most prominent wind power accidents in the industry.



Product nameFireLess 2.0
Product weight1.46kg
Protected volume2 m3
Fire extinguishing agent0.16kg
Extinguishing fire classA,B,C,E
Discharge time≤6s
MOQ1 set
PriceDepends on purchase quantity
Installation methodBolting



2.1 Wind turbine fire hazard

1. The electrical system is widely distributed and the lines are concealed. There are many hidden dangers in the fire, and the time is long and difficult to find. The narrow space in the cabin contains various mechanical and electrical equipment, and the equipment is expensive. Rescue is not easy and the fire types are complicated. Electrical fires, solid fires, and liquid fires all may come up at one time.

2. There are a large number of flammable and flammable materials inside the wind turbine, such as sound insulation foam, oil pollution, lubricating oil, transformer oil, etc., which not only increases the danger, but also accelerates the speed of flame spread.

The equipment is running continuously for a long time. The working environment is complex, from -40℃to +50℃, the environment is bad. The wind farm is remote, the external rescue possibility is almost zero.The engine room is at high altitude. The fire extinguishing conditions are difficult, the generator set is expensive, and the improper selection of fire extinguishing system will cause secondary damages.


Advantages of aerosol fire extinguishers

1. FireLess 2.0 aerosol fire extinguishing system is suitable for most fires. In the face of electrical fires, the fire extinguisher has the characteristics of insulation, effectively preventing the risk of electric shock, and has better protection for electrical insulation, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of the generator set after the disaster; Liquid fires and solid fires are not only extinguished quickly but also are not re-ignitable due to the characteristics of the aerosol flue gas mixture.

2. FireLess 2.0 is small in size and efficient in performance, and is very suitable for narrow and enclosed space. The total flooding system is beneficial to completely eliminate the fire and no residue is remained.

3. FireLess 2.0 is green and environmental. It will not cause any harm to the environment.

4.FireLess 2.0 are diversified in starting methods that makes it adapt to various complex operating environments. Corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference and high temperature and moisture resistance make it still can be used normally in harsh environments.

5. After the action of the extinguishing agent, there is basically no residue, no secondary damage to the equipment. It is convenient for cleaning,inspection and production recovery

after fires.

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