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High Speed Homogenizer 380 V , Low Temperature Physical Disruption 100 L / Hr

High Speed Homogenizer 380 V , Low Temperature Physical Disruption 100 L / Hr

Brand Name JNBIO
Model Number JN-100FS
Certification Yes
Place of Origin China
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability No limitation
Delivery Time In one week after payment
Packaging Details 1 main unit + 1 cooling system
Pressure 0 ~ 207MPa
Flow Rate Under Max. Pressure 100L/hr
Power Supply 380V, Main Unit 11.5KW+Cooling 5KW
Low Temperature Circulating Water Bath Whole Preparation And Dispersion Process Completed In A 4 ~ 6℃ Circulating Water Bath
Detailed Product Description

Physical disruption Ultra-high pressure homogenizer low-temperature nano-material preparation disperser



External dimensios(mm)
Main unit1 1300




Cooling system15/38061010451350

Part 2 Purposes
The whole process of sample feeding, preparation, dispersion and sample release is performed in a low-temperature water bath, preventing re-aggregation due to the Brownian 
motion at high temperatures.
Suitable for use by colleges, universities, research institutes, chemical, dyeing and weaving, new material, new energy source, and biomedicine companies, etc.

 ◆Preparation and dispersion of graphene, nano-carbon tubes and carbon powder;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of high-molecular nano-materials;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-coatings;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-battery electrolytes and slurries;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-inks;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-dyes;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-paints;
 ◆Preparation and dispersion of nano-drugs;

Part 3 Principle
The sample must run through the tight diamond preparation and dispersion valve, and withstand the three homogenization effects of shearing, cavitation and collision arising 
from the instantaneous release of ultra-high pressure energy through a slit. In addition, the sample is always cooled by the low-temperature water bath, so that all treated sample particles are nanominiaturized without aggregating easily. This unit is freely adjustable within 4-80℃, possible to change sample liquidity through temperature rise, convenient for preparation and dispersion.

Fig.1 The principle diagram of the homogeneous 

Fig.2 Homogenized object soaked in a water bath circulating 

Part 4 Features
 ◆Exclusive dispersers in the world in which the whole process of sample feeding, preparation, dispersion and sample release is performed in a 4-6℃ low-temperature 
circulating water bath, preventing the re-aggregation of nano-particles after dispersion effectively.
 ◆Freely adjustable within 4-80℃, possible to change sample liquidity through temperature rise, convenient for preparation and dispersion
 ◆World-class pressure rating of (207MPa), largely meeting user requirements
 ◆Min. sample treatment capacity: JN-Mini (3ml), JN-02FS (5ml)
 ◆High resistance to organic solutions
 ◆Preparation and dispersion valve base 100% made of diamond, with wear resistance nearly 100 times that of porcelain or tungsten carbide
 ◆Preparation and dispersion valve made from diamond, without ground powder to be blended into the feed solution, ensuring pure composition and color of the raw material
 ◆Hydraulic main power, capable of free shutdown, starting and pause under high pressures while maintaining pressure
 ◆Capable of no-load operation, being vented by just pressing with a stainless steel needle gently after charge without changing pressure (patented technique)
 ◆Food- and pharmaceutical-grade advanced pollution-free materials, In-situ cleaning and disinfection
 ◆High-strength full-stainless steel ultra-high pressure pump
 ◆Physical disruption, eliminating chemical residue
 ◆All preparation and dispersion containers and pipes made of 316L stainless steel, with excellent pollution and corrosion resistance
 ◆Saving also as an agile safety valve with excellent safety
 ◆Easy pressure regulation without handling the spring hard
 ◆Metal sealing mainly, without rubber seals and consumables
 ◆Independent intellectual property rights and core techniques, with ease of maintenance by widespread engineers

Part 5 Selected application samples
◆Compound nano-coating dispersion effect 100nm(Fig.3, 4)plication samples
◆Average grain size of nano-emulsified liposomes 53.68nm, down to 28.2nm(Fig.5, 6)
◆Conductive high-molecular material (Fig. 8)
◆Dyeing and weaving effect (Fig. 9)


Fig.3 Cold field scanning electron microscope, 100,000 times; 
material: nano-chromium, nano-titanium, nano-copper, nano-carbon tube, and other compounds; original grain
size: 40 nm

Fig.4 Cold field scanning electron microscope, 50,000 times;
material: nano-chromium, nano-titanium, nano-copper,nano-carbon tube, and other compounds; original grain
size: 40 nm


Fig.5 Comparison of liposomes before and after nano-emulsification

Fig.6 Grain size analysis chart of nano-emulsified liposomes


Fig.7 Nano-pulp

Fig.8 High-molecular material

Fig.9 Dyeing and weaving effect

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