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PVD protects the environment, saves the blue planet. Royal Technology VACUUM DEPOSITION MACHINE manufacturer. ----Standardization, Precision, Stabilizaiton
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     Shanghai Royal Technology Inc. was established in 2006, a worldwide supplier of high quality vacuum equipment with key locations around the globe. Research and Development technology are supported by specialized engineers in the United States and China. High-tech machine manufacturing facilities are located in Shanghai and our global network of service centers ensure fast customer service response in key locations.


   Shanghai Royal Technology has a strong drive for innovative design and high quality components selection, combined with an extra careful assembly process and a topnotch team of talented technicians and inventors, which enable us to offer turn-key coating solutions with high standard vacuum equipment, meeting and often exceeding Western standard. We are determined to serve the market worldwide in various industries such as:

Consumer electronics, automotive, renewable energy, architecture, Nano and bio-medical materials.


RTAC1250-SP The arc and sputtering integrated series equipment can produce highly reflective black and bronze films specifically for high quality decorative coatings.


RTSP1213-DC It is a sputtering system with PECVD process to deposit thin film on hydrogen fuel cell power module. Fuel Cell Vehicles is the newest technology for the next generation of environmentally friendly cars. The main advantage and technological progress compared to commonly used batteries like dry cell need to undergo a recurring recharging process, but hydrogen fuel cell power modules only require Hydrogen and Oxygen reaction to generate power for driving.

RTAC1215-SPMF This coating system is exclusively used for DPC (Direct Plating Copper) ceramic substrates process. The DPC ceramic substrates are widely used in various applications: for instance in high brightness LED to increase the longevity because of its high heat radiation performance, Semiconductor equipment, in microwave wireless communication, military electronics, various sensor substrates, aerospace, railway transportation, electricity power and much more.


RTEP-0913 Evaporation coating plant is applied to CsI film deposition for X-Ray Imaging devices. It is an advanced technique to evaporate CsI on the screen to create high quality images. The high-resolution performance allows this application to be extremely efficient and disruptive in the medical instrument, nuclear energy industry, security checking and inspection, high energy physics subjects and more.


Shanghai Royal Technology also successfully designed and developed Cube and Cylinder model large size Aluminum Vacuum Metalizing System which is used for Automotive Logo Board Coating.


Live Locally, Think Globally is our Vision. We live our day to day business by the concept of “Integrity and Solidarity”, always striving for innovation to achieve win-win situations in our ecosystem of worldwide partners. As pioneers in the Vacuum Coating Equipment Industry, we never relied on previous accomplishments, but we continuously tried to explore the ever changing world of the Vacuum Coating Industry to always create optimal economic, social and environmental benefits for our customers.




Company Culture:


ROYAL's Vision:  to be the worldwide famous brand supplier of providing total solutions to customers requirement.


ROYAL' Mission: protects the environment, saves our blue planet ; to improve labors tough working environment, enhance work efficiency, completely help owners to reduce production cost.


ROYAL's Philosophy: human-oriented, honest, innovative and make the greatest contribution to society.


ROYAL's Value: innovation, advanced technology’s R&D, serving China and worldwide's manufacturing industries.


ROYAL's Service: ONE-STOP service, with excellent technology and products, professional dedication to serve our customers.




Company Information
Basic Information
Business Type:Manufacturer,Importer,Exporter
Trade & Market
Company slogan:

PVD protects the environment, saves the blue planet.

Royal Technology VACUUM DEPOSITION MACHINE manufacturer.
              ----Standardization, Precision, Stabilizaiton 


OEM Overview:

     Royal understands well that no one machine can fits all products. We listen to customers demands and provides our most suitable proposal and unique coating solutions from machine design, production till

coating recipes development. Below are some of our OEM/ODM projects.


1. Vacuum Metallizing Machine for Automotive LOGO Board,  Can coat product Max. size up to 6000mm

Model: RTEP-6638

Time: 2014 Location: China



2. Vacuum Metallizing Machine for Automotive LOGO Board.

Model: RTEP-2525

Time: 2014 Location: China




3. Vacuum Metallizing Machine for Automotive LOGO Board.

Model: RTEP-3617

Time: 2015   Location: Mexico 


4. Vacuum Metallizing Machine for Automotive LOGO Board.

Model: RTEP-2215

Time: 2015   Location: South Korea

5. RTSP1213-DC It is a sputtering system with PECVD process to deposit thin film on hydrogen fuel cell power module. Fuel Cell Vehicles is a newest technology for next generation of green cars, It is different from the primary battery such as dry cell and rechargeable battery that needs to repeat charging, but only needs Hydrogen and Oxygen reaction to generate the power for driving.

Time: 2016     Location: China 


6. RTAC1215-SPMF The PVD vacuum system is exclusively used for Copper Conductive Film deposition on Al2O3, AlN substrate circuit board, compared with traditional manufacturing methods: DBC, LTCC, HTCC, with PVD process, the production cost has highly reduced.

Time: 2017         Location: China 

7. RTEP-0913 Evaporation coating plant is applied to CsI film deposition for X-ray Imaging device. It is an advanced technique to evaporate CsI on the screen to give a high quality of imaging. With its high resolution performance, also widely used in security checking and inspection, high energy physics subjects, physics of nuclear energy areas etc.

8. Optical Sputtering + DLC  Coatng Equipment

Model: Multi950

Time: 2015 Location: China, Shanghai University



9. RTEP0404 machine, with Vacuum Metalizing Deposition technology.  It is designed and developed exclusively for Fingermark imaging which is used for Police stations, criminal investigation, to provide strongly evidence for crimer's identification.The thermal evaporation machine can deposit high reflection materials: Au Gold, Ag Silver, Al Aluminum, Cu Copper, Zn Zinc etc to reflect the fingerprint marks on subjects obviously.


Time: 2016   Location: China 




10. RTAS1000 machine as a laboratry application for R&D. The machine is ready for sale now.  It contains:  1 set Linear Ion source, 2 planar sputtering cathodes with MF and DC power supplies;  5 cathodic arc cathodes. 



More OEM and ODM projects are coming soon for promotion, we appreciate customers and our suppliers, anyone else who have  involved in these projects. 

Production Line:

      Advanced production machines (milling, welding, tooling, etc…) combined with standardized production

procedures and reliability testing enables Royal to produce high quality, reliable and low cost coating



Quality, service and on-time delivery are the core principles of Royal’s business. A strategy of openly

outsourcing simple components to professional manufacturers allows us to focus attention to key parts

and components manufactured by Royal ourselves.


Mechanical Production Lines


1. Mechanical Working Plant                                                                                2. Manufacturing Machines




3. Assembly Working Plant




4. Equipment Installation and Commissioning





4. Packaging and Delivery







About quality management:

QC/Technical Support


Quality is top priority when Royal designs and manufactures one set coating equipment. Every project

comes to us, we carefully listen to customers requirement and provide the complete solutions. From

components selection, purchasing, construction, installation, software programming till equipment’s

commissioning, training, delivery, Royal’s all staff follow the company regulations strictly to ensure a

high quality product be delivered on time to our customer.


The engineering and QC services play very important roles during the manufacturing process. Here,

we express our great thanks to our excellent teams.


Below are the testing reports of CE standard terms:


Insulation Resistance Tests




Voltage Tests 



Leakage Current Tests



Testing Photos 





Royal has a core technological design & development team supports our customers demands.

We invest 10% of total annual sales value as the R&D fund every year, continuously efforts

brought innovation to the industry.


Our R & D team has 4 engineers who stays in the PVD vacuum coating technology more than 20 years.

We have fine collaborations with "Scientific Research and Education Institutions" like:

Shanghai University, Shanghai JiaoTong University, The University of Manchester. Which keeps us

to be the pioneer of deposition technologies in the Vacuum Coating industry. 




Our Team:

       Royal regards our staff as the most important asset and the best representatives of our company. To meet our clients' requirements is the motivation for our daily work, it inspires our staff to provide theirs proposals to our prospective. To ensure that Royal team have extensive professional knowledge to serve our valuable customers, we providing regularly additional training and further education for them.


Production Department
Every worker must passing through the technical exams before operating machine and being trained how to manufacture qualified products, all workers learned that safety is the essential for customers.


R & D Department
Royal has a core technological design & development team supports our customers demands. We invest 10% of total annual sales value as the R&D fund every year, continuously efforts brought

innovation to the industry.


Marketing Department
Our marketing team is always the first person you get in touch with Royal company. The marketing director Ms.Zhou who has been in the PVD vacuum coating industry 4 years as a marketing manager. Her great vision, deep insight, and solid experience on the market combine with our experienced technical teams are ready to serve our best services and coating solutions exceed than you expected.



Technical Support Department
As one of the leaders of our company, Mr. Yang Yimou has been working in the vacuum coating industry for 45 years. He started his career as a certified technician, more than 300 sets of coating machines have been produced by his team. “ There is nothing else can be better to see our customer is profited from the equipment we provide”, he said. So building a reliable and stable quality equipment is our mission, we sincerely invite you to visit our company and let’s assist you to develop your PVD coating business together.


Key People:


1. Accountant-- Ms. Wang
I joined in Royal Technology since it’s established. I have been watching every step it passed through. In the last few years, I experienced every happy and painful moments with the team. I can not share more but only support them with a stable benefits to every member. We care about not only our staff but theirs families. I believe we will have a bright future!


2. Marketing- Zhou Xin

I selected PVD vacuum coating technology industry just for one reason: I knew nothing for this initially! My interviewer explained me:

--”have you ever heard Water Electroplating? Like Cr6+ or Copper electroplating?”

--“YES,” I answered, “ My dad used to do the electroplating work when he was 30s till 40s, but his eyes injured from the hazard gas.”

-- “Ok, our PVD vacuum coating equipment is exactly to replace this kind of hazard and polluted surface treatment, it is an advanced technology 100% environmentally friendly. Actually, it is more than that, if you want to know more, come and join in us!”

--” Ok, I take this job” That’s the start of my story with PVD technology. Even though my major subject in university was Financial accounting, unbelievable here I am today! I never expected this far I have been passing over and neither think about how far I can go further. But definitely, I LOVE THIS JOB, for me, it is not a job to support my life, it’s a noble and sacred thing I want to explore more and more, the further I learn and the little I found I knew. I am like a little water drop in the vast ocean. Listening to customer’s expectation, theirs demands and helping them to figure out with a solution, anything else can be good like this? Nothing! For me, every new application is a brain storm, it drives me to learn deeper and deeper! In the next decades, my life would occupied by PVD.


3. Project Manager- Zhang Xingming
“ Before joining in Royal Technology, I had my own trading company. A very good luck to let me know the PVD vacuum coating technology. I started working in Royal Technology as a sales person in the beginning. Royal leaders provided me a path to manage projects, for me, this is not only my personal’s growing path but my very clear career structure planned based on whole team’s support. I gain new skills of negotiation and truly understand what’s real full responsibility and completely coordination. When you speak up the words: I TAKE FULL RESPONSBILITY, it is more than your life. I thanks all members of Royal Tec’s working hard to guarantee every project with an excellent ending!”

Sometimes, we had disagrees with each other, but everyone wants a perfect machine handed over to end users, thank you for our different opinions, thank you for all brothers and sisters’ actively participating in, thank you for your outstanding ideas.


4. Mechanical Engineer - Luo Ruizhe

“The feeling is like when you finally give a birth of a baby! I never forget that moment when seeing my own designed machine successfully get approved of customer’s testing. Exciting and touching! Imaging, 2 months ago, they are paper drawings, now, you can touch it and you are feeling it is REAL, the most important it is bring benefits for company and customers, this is my VALUE, this is my work: painful and joyful.”


5. PLC technician- Wang Xuebing
“ As a PLC program technician, after graduation from university, this is the only industry I have been working in. During the work, every project is a challenge for me, especially the customized and advancing newest applied applications. My professional technical experiences growing up with my social skills as well. To finish one project, I must learn the Coating Process very well, lots discussion with key technicians from each department and customers to satisfy theirs expected operations. I have opportunities to interface with every step of one project! Love it.”


6. Technical Service Engineer- Shi Xuecai

“I am Jack, I have been working in the PVD vacuum equipment manufacturing industry for 12 years. My major job is PVD machine’s assemble and testing before delivery, commissioning and training in customer sites. My honor to join in Royal Technology team, I am so proud of being one of the families. There is no strict limited line of job positions, we help each other as a WHOLE TEAM to work on ONE project from beginning to finished, everyone gets involved in the project with passions! Royal Technology is the place I want to work at.”






Factory Information
Market name:North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa
Contact Person:Ms.ZHOU XIN
Contact Phone:86-21-37635838
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